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Renegade (Future Shock Mix) is Final Boss’ debut release on Potent Funk and for it, he has drafted in Alpha Centauri, aka Aynzli Jones. A versatile vocalist and frenzied emcee at will with a taste for the eclectic and eccentric, Aynzli’s rhymestyle speaks for itself, with previous collaborations including Ghetts, Congo Natty, Kool Keith, not to mention also featuring on a remix of the N.A.S.A track ‘Hide’ with Childish Gambino.  


No footage of Final Boss is known to exist, but by watching the Gundam style Voltronish type robot anime ish on display as set to his military grade production,you can just about begin to fathom the magnitude of his unholy presence. Famed for his total mastery over devastating attacks of all kinds and, having emerged from a black hole and traversed across a few million galaxies along with a handful of dimensions, Final Boss is ready to launch his first apocalyptic style assault, set to shatter our measly and feeble human eardrums along with our humble little planet.


Not many in the the known universe would have the minerals to take on Final Boss. After all, he is adversity personified. Or should I say, deified.


Prepare yourself for Final Boss Vs Alpha Centauri.


Final Boss Vs Alpha Centauri (Digital)

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