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Distinctly known for a down to earth and humorous approach both to how they work in the lab and at live shows, LonDonZoo has a subterranean status like no one else. You will seldom find a crew who can get down like the aggiest breddas about, but are still happier than a pig in shit when taking the piss out of themselves. Producers Sumgii, Pierre Green & Harry The Bastard provide bass and beats with Dabbla, Cobes and Rocko (Harry The Bastard) on vocals, all backed Dj Frosty on the ones and two's. Probably most famous for their cult classic music video Lips 2 Da Floor which featured Dubbledge and appeared on the Living Long Ting LP in 2007, just recently Cobes and Harry featured on Dabbla's 'HERO' single, a cheeky taste of things to come. Established way back in the late nineties, it will be music to everyone's ears to hear that LonDonZoo will be blessing us with an album in the near future, so watch this space and don't be surprised when you see the Zoo members steadily emerging from their extended hibernation.

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