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Growing up trading hip hop cassette tapes had a profound impact on the sound that Dolenz purveys. It spawned his love for saturation and tape hiss, which is matched only by the faceless mystery of the artists that directed his sonic and visual persona from an early age.


The producer’s past projects Hysteresis, Evesdrop, Pull and Golden Spike led to serious support from Gilles Peterson, NTS Radio, dBridge, and more, with Dolenz linking with the likes of Jehst, Sumgii and Guilty Simpson for mind-bending collaborations. Having moved back to London after nine years in the Middle East, Dolenz hosted sets on NTS, Radar Radio and Balamii, before founding his monthly show on Subtle Radio. In both his radio sets and releases he’s known to slide seamlessly through genres and tempos, encompassing dubstep, footwork, electro and halftime, all shaped by his hip hop aesthetic.

Now, landing here on Potent Funk, his new EP Electric Fence brings Dabbla and Back Josh into the sample-smashed world of Dolenz’ “misspent youth”.

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