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Problem child is that ultra ultimate hybrid rap shit that hasn't existed until now, that new genre business. This is that next echelon hype. That future evolution type ish. With the almighty Sumgii overseeing production & pressing all the buttons, the raps are left in the capable minds of Dabbla, Illaman & Dubbledge who come through with bars that emerge from every conceivable universe, just for the listener to feast upon. Having dropped their widely acclaimed first LP 'Confessions of a Normal Human Being' back in 2014, Problem Child recently teamed up with Orifice Vulgatron and comedian Romesh Ranganathan for the single 'What You Want?' Routinely responsible for causing serious back spasms, enabling mega fruity leg-shakes and often described as 'What on earth is this?', it's often hard to categorise the type of sonic entity that Problem Child personifies. It's double hard. It's beyond alive. But, most of all, it's a problem.

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