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SUMGII's production will tickle all of your senses. More often than not, his beats will make you feel like you've been socked in the face with a size 13 flip flop covered in glue and glass, yet also seasoned generously with super sour fizzy sweets and daisy chains fresh out the garden. Make sense..? Exactly. Fellow Co-founder of LDZ and joint CEO of Potent Funk Records with Dabbla, widely acclaimed Producer/DJ SUMGII is far from your typical beat maker and is known for his distinctly abstract approach, powered by an ultimately eclectic variety of inspirations. Regularly proving himself to be one of the UK's most sought after producers over the years, SUMGII's talent has recently found him doing dates in Europe as a DJ with the Foreign Beggars, holding down the 1's and 2's for his Potent Funk, Blah, and High Focus comrades, all whilst maintaining full control of production for Cult Mountain with their undeniable presence on the rap scene.

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