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FUTD is the next single to be dropped in quickfire succession from Dabbla, and accompanies the official press release for his much anticipated second LP, ‘Death Moves’.

A straight follow up to the short track and video ‘Vines’ that was released earlier this July, Pose Works have ensured that the video for FUTDalso features DBLA, the tiny robot attempting to unravel the mysteries of planet earth and its inhabitants.

Producer-in-chief Sumgii shoves you straight into that Potent Funk portal, rolling out a dark, bass-face special for Dabbla, who himself sets about the beat, diligently working his hybrid rap champion rhymestyle.

The official release date for FUTDand its accompanying Pose Works rendered animation, which is, to say the very least, a masterful celebration of CGI at its finest, is not until 24th August, so for now just enjoy the audio and crank the dial to the max!

Dabbla - FUTD (Prod. Sumgii) (Digital)

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