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Meet Sumgii, The Mastering Master

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Sumgii is the scene's most sought after producer. Potent Funk co-founder and member of LDZ and Problem Child, the bloke has been here from the start. He's known for bringing levels to the levers, having stamped his seal of approval on the biggest beats in grime and beyond. Sumgii is also brewing a big year with DVLGNG and Loefah's Swamp81, but look out for his beastly releases with the PF posse soon! We caught up for a chat about mixing for Method Man, radio and more...

Sumgii with his hair over his eyes and middle fingers up
Pic by: Harvey Williams-Fairley

You’ve announced heaps of releases for 2020, remind me what’s coming?

"I’ve fully produced albums and some EPs for Dabbla, Dream Mclean, Cult Mountain, SonnyJim, Black Josh, and some I can’t mention at the moment. I’ve got a new 12” vinyl single with Nah Eeto dropping on Swamp81 very soon. Also I’ve got plenty of other solo singles lined up and Sumgii Beats Vol. 2 will be dropping very soon."

‘Graffitiing’ and ‘skiing’ are two of our few words with double ‘i’s. Which is best?

"I can’t graff and I’m no expert in it either. I can ski though lol. So I’ll go with skiing."

Sumgii smells a flower
Pic by: Harvey Williams-Fairley

You rep a good few affiliations, how’s life as the UK’s most popular producer?

"Deffo not the most popular but I’m happy I only work with those I’m a fan of. So I feel blessed."

Is there a difference between a beatmaker and a producer?

"Yes! Though I won’t get into that lol."

Sumgii drinks from mug
Pic by: Harvey Williams-Fairley

What’s in store for your Balamii Radio Residency?

"To be honest it’s nice to have a platform where I get to play music I wouldn’t usually play at a club and it also means I can invite guest DJs and artists down, so I’m planning to invite a lot of my friends to showcase their skills."

Has live streaming affected radio and performing?

"Affected, yes, but not in a bad way. More platforms means more opportunities and more music - which is never a bad thing."

Some say you’re the master of mastering. What hidden gems have you signed off?

"Master of mastering lol. Not sure about that as I’m still learning my trade and it’s my day job now. I think I have a style and sound with my mixes and mastering, and people I work for seem to like the results and come back which is good. A few artist I’ve mixed and mastered for recently include Method Man, Westside Gunn and I’ve just finished mastering an album for Sniff and Formz which is crazy good."

Final big ups and shout outs?

"Big up all the humans that are decent! Fuck all the humans that are dickheads."

Sumgii: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / YouTube

James Wijesinghe: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Harvey Williams-Fairley: Website / Instagram

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