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Illaman & Norm Oddity EP - Out Now

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Potent Funk stalwart Illaman returns with Ugly Days, the lyricist’s open-hearted new offering with long-time collaborator Norm Oddity.

Norm Oddty in a red cap sat facing the camera, Illaman in a beanie sat with his back to the camera.
Norm Oddity & Illaman - Pic by: Krupa

The PENGSHUi frontman and Still A Problem mainstay shares his most honest and well-honed EP to date. It follows Give Us A Smile as the second full-project link-up from Illaman and innovative producer Norm Oddity.

“It’s a very honest representation of some very ugly days in my life. Like finding an old notepad I can listen to this in three years and be like, ‘F*ck, I was there. I remember that feeling.’ It’s an invitation to inspire other people to say how they feel.”

Within Norm’s spacious, stirring instrumentals, Illaman fills unconventional pockets with both punchlines and poetry. It’s a six-track statement of personal pain and reflection, held together by synths, snares and escalating soundscapes.

Manchester legend DRS takes the EP’s sole guest spot; an artist who encouraged Illaman to release Give Us A Smile back in 2019, and one who holds love and honesty in equal importance as Illa himself.

Visuals for ‘OK!’ also just dropped, inspired by videographer Krupa showing Illaman Taxi Driver for the first time. Plus, Krupa directed a stunning mini doc about Illa’s life to accompany Ugly Days. It's intimate and insightful, giving the backstory to the bars.

Find hidden track ‘Saying Bruv (Prod. Krupa & Norm Oddity)’ on the super limited Ugly Days tapes.

Out now on limited edition cassette, digital download and streaming platforms.


Norm Oddity: Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp

James Wijesinghe: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

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