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GEAR 'Ghost Tears' Out Now

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

A spectre-cle, GEAR's new video for 'Ghost Tears' has just gone bump in the night.

The tune was first heard back in July, landing alongside GEAR's Potent Funk debut, 'Type 0'. Now 'Ghost Tears' is complete with its own eerie visuals thanks so Alejandro Selman and My Creative Gurus. Shot in a dark trench, the video reinforces the contrasts between GEAR's verses, moving from loneliness and fear to standing with the physical backing of his boys. Explaining his vision, GEAR said:

"So many of my songs tend to have a double meaning or show some sort of duality between verses. On this one, I wanted to show that I felt alone in the first verse: constantly flooded with the feeling that the last song I've written will be my final song as an artist, and that I've kinda intentionally isolated myself from the people who encourage and care about me. Those are the reasons I appear solo. On the second verse, I've got a couple of my boys with me when I decide to gain a bit more confidence to show that my support system is always pushing for me to do my best. My boy DJ Ju$trill (on the right) is definitely one of the main people - he's encouraged me so much throughout and is always proud of whatever my next steps are."

Always putting on for his peers, 'Ghost Tears' opens with a phone call from Ju$trill and closes with a vocal sample from his good mate Moses. The tune's striking synths build across clattering hi-hats, with some of GEAR's best bars lurking in these verses.

"Maybe I'm just afraid of the red light, but I'm not the only one I've been told / That I'm still a diamond in the rough and that's crazy to me, I thought I been gold"

Get to know GEAR by reading our in-depth interview and look out for more madness coming soon from the tough-talking Texan.


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