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Frosty Chats 'Crush' & De-Frosts

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Potent Funk's Frosty has mixed together a crazy cocktail of a mixtape: Crush. It's bursting with sounds from a gallon of artists, all mashed together by Frosty, along with Sammy B-Side, DJ Jazz T and DJ Madnice. Peep the project below, and read what the icy DJ had to say about his new mixtape, Elvis Presley's drummer, and much more...

Frosty DJing
Pic by: Harvey Williams-Fairley

Crush is available for free. What are your top three free things?

“Love. Vibes. Parking.”

What’s the thinking behind your new mixtape Crush?

“I remember listening to those Back to Mine compilations, DJ Yoda mixtapes, Craze & Klever, Quasimoto, Xecutioners etc., and just interesting stuff that held my attention enough to listen all the way through - that’s kind of what I wanted to achieve - not that I’m DMC standard or anything but just a bunch of my favourite tracks, glued together in an interesting way with cuts and humour. It’s very much like previous mixes I’ve done but you get a full hour and this one is a little more personal. Plus a lot of people will only know of me as Dabbla’s tour DJ so it also gives me a chance to show off my own personality and skills with no restrictions.”

So you play celebrities’ VIP parties… give us a story?

“I have a superb story about a well-known frontman but you’d have to ask me in person for that one – I’d get lynched. Nothing too mad, I once had Elvis Presley’s drummer Ron Tutt tell me to stop playing so he could play his cardboard box! He killed it to be fair. In all honesty the real horror stories come from the antics of the touring crews - which no one wants to hear!”

Artwork by: Matt Littler

What made you swap your early drum and bass career for hip hop?

“I wouldn’t say I swapped anything and I wouldn’t really class myself as a hip hop DJ - I’ve always experimented with different stuff - there’s drum and bass on the new thing - and I was cutting up King Tubby and hip hop a cappellas on a predominately drum and bass show in the late 90s. I guess I got more into the slower side of things from getting into people like Madlib, Lorn, Flako, Samiyam and the early Low End Theory podcasts - I’d also have to shout out my close friends Pierre Green and Sumgii for being influential around that time, (and still).”

Who else helped make the tape?

“Every bit of audio helped! So thank you if you recorded me something - the list is long! Other than that, I have to thank Sumgii for the final master, Matt Littler for his art and patience, Dabbla for all the behind the scenes stuff, Triggah for his ears (Tengers) and obviously the lads for their skits. I also have to thank Willie Cole and Tom Mayhue - original Guns N’ Roses crew - for their input, and E-Boogie (Free Nats).”

What’s next for Frosty?

“I’m in the middle of laying some cuts over a 4tune beat - he’s one to watch! I think that comes out mid Nov and there’s talk of a scratch collab with/for Hashfinger. However, I’ll be spending the rest of this year on tour so I’ll be writing beats in hotel rooms while annoying producer pals on FaceTime! I also think it’s time to shake off this Frosty nickname I’ve had since I was nine!! So I’ll be going by Matt Frost moving forward and using my real surname... Peppin as a production moniker.”

Crush your crush, and get Frosty's Crush now. It's free, exclusively on Potent Funk.

Hoodies and tees are also available from the Potent Funk Shop.


James Wijesinghe: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Harvey Williams-Fairley: Website / Instagram

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