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‘Low & Behold’ is the latest release on Potent Funk from the laboratory of the enigmatic FINAL BOSS.


Following up from his debut single Renegade (Future Shock Mix) with Aynzli Jones, ‘Low & Behold’ features vocals from LDZ’s Harry The Bastard (Rocko).


Providing production that offers an all encompassing, eerie and sinister soundscape that perfectly fits Harry’s confident and moody bars, the combination of FINAL BOSS x HARRY ensures the audience a deeply immersive and slightly maniacal experience.  


Packing a self-styled video that sends you off into a FINAL BOSS powered Harry  style nightmare, ‘Low & Behold’ is but another taste of the earth shattering power of FINAL BOSS and his well chosen accomplices.


Final Boss Vs Harry The Bastard - Low & Behold

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